Persian Nero Marble (quarry owner)

Perisan Nero Marble (Najaf Abad Black)

From the most exclusive ambiences to other more cosmopolitan ones, Persian Nero is a fitting choice in with its sophisticated elegance and velvety appearance.
The magic of this intense marble when it arrives on the scene in interior architecture and in contemporary decors is simply fascinating. Perisan Nero, brings to light all its noble and primeval beauty on floors, walls, bathrooms, kitchen countertops and even as breathtaking artistic murals and ornamental pieces. Its irregular white veins, concentrated to a greater or lesser extent according to the slab being installed, visually recall a painter’s brushstrokes on an intense black canvas. The final effect, a majestic velvety stone mantle that dissolves into a decorative setting, offering endless aesthetic possibilities. Persian Nero leaves no-one unmoved.
Persian Nero marble(exactly same Nero Marquina) is a high quality, black stone marble extracted from the region of Najafabad, Isfahan in the center of Iran.
It is one of the most important marbles from Iran. It is fine and compact grain, black, with white veins, which can eventually be very abundant. It has gained recognition worldwide due to its beautiful, genuine black color.

Ability to supply
Block , Small block
Slab , Cut to size
Finishing: Polished , Honed , Brushed , Antique

Persian Nero

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